Koe Wetzel at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

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Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion | The Woodlands, Texas

Lone Star sensation Koe Wetzel will give you the Creeps (in a good way, of course) this June 10 as he brings his “Koe Wetzel: The Road To Hell Paso Pt. 1” tour to Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. The “April Showers” hitmaker will offer nothing but the best concert experience to all his Woodland, Texas fans. Catch the 30-year-old Texas native as he brings the house down with his blend of rock, grunge, and outlaw country. Get the chance to sing along with his chart-topping hits from his newest album “Hell Paso,” including “Money Spent,” “Creeps,” “Cabo,” and “Oklahoma Sun,” among many others. If you are a certified country outlaw, you don’t want to miss this! Get your tickets here by hitting the “Get Tickets” link.

Koe Wetzel at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

Koe Wetzel's unique blend of country and rock music distinguished him from other country singers today. He may be an independent artist, but he has proven himself to be one of his generation's most prominent independent artists. Thanks to his unique blend of country, grunge, rock, and other elements, he was able to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with. While he's certainly not the first to combine rock and country in his music, his boisterous and even unhinged tunes are definitely his own. His songs' lyricisms are well-liked by the younger demographic because of their fresh and modern sound.

Wetzel's breakthrough came in 2016 when his band's record "Noise Complaint" went platinum. In 2019, he released his second studio album, "Harold Saul High," which debuted in the top ten of US Country and top 20 of US Billboard 200. His signing with Columbia after the album's popularity was met with mixed reactions. In 2020, he released a new album titled "Sellout" in response to the criticism.

His latest album, "Hell Paso," released in 2022 under Columbia Records, is a major success, with many of its tracks reaching the Country, Mainstream Rock, and Hot Rock and Alternative Charts. Although the album is undoubtedly not intended for everyone, the songs "Creeps," "April Showers," "Money Spent," "Cabo," "Oklahoma Sun," and "Sad Song" all found their way to enter the charts. These songs and many more will be performed by Wetzel this Saturday, June 10, at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Enjoy this country-rock concert with your best concert buddies. Grab your tickets as early as today by hitting the "Get Tickets" link.

Koe Wetzel at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

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