The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion located in The Woodlands, Texas, takes pride in the wide array of events they host. In order to better prepare guests, the venue’s rules and guidelines are broken down below. Please take great care in ensuring you are prepared for your event. Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion would like everyone to have an incredible time during their visit. But to keep the show safe and fun for everyone, they’ve created the following rules and guidelines. Every guest is expected to understand and abide by these rules during their visit.

Any guest found to be in violation may be asked to leave without refund. If you have any questions, please call the venue at (281) 364-3024.

Alcohol Policy

Purchasers of alcohol are required to show ID every time. Keep ID on you while consuming alcohol. IDs accepted include U.S. driver’s license, U.S. State-issued ID card, Military ID, and Passport or Passport Card (the only acceptable ID for international guests).

Bag Policy

To limit contact with guests and their belongings the venue has created the following bag policy. The following bags are allowed in the venue.

  • Clear bags sized 12” x 12” or smaller.
  • Non-clear handheld clutches sized 4.5” x 6.5” or smaller
  • Bags for medical equipment (sized appropriately for the equipment). Tehse bags are subject to search and small items like medication must follow the standard bag policy
  • Diaper bags (accompanied by infant/toddler), but will be subject to search.

Bags not listed above are not allowed within the venue.

Unattended items and bags outside the gates or inside the venue will be removed immediately

Bags, purses, or backpacks of any kind will not be accepted by Paviliion Info Booths

Cashless Transactions

All transactions will be cashless at The Pavilion. So please be sure to bring debit or credit with you.

Child Policy

Guests (even children) are not allowed to sit or stand on the shoulders of another guest. Children two or younger are allowed in for free but they must sit in their parents or guardian’s laps. All other children are expected to have their own tickets. Please note that if your child is disruptive, you may be asked to leave..

Dancing Policy

Guests may stand and dance in front of their seats. Dancing on seats is not allowed. Dancing in the aisles is also not allowed.

Permitted and Not-Permitted Items

The following items are allowed inside of the venue.

  • Non-detachable lens cameras
  • Signs 8.5” x 11” or smaller
  • Small blankets or tarps
  • Small umbrellas
  • Rain jackets
  • Most wearable neck fans

The following items are not allowed

  • Bags that do not meet the bag policy
  • Animals – Except for service animals as defined by the US Department of Justice.
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Audio and video recording equipment
  • Beverages of any kind
  • Detachable lens cameras
  • Glass of any including including perfume
  • Grills
  • Fireworks
  • Ice chests
  • Laptops and tablets
  • Laser pointers
  • Medication in unmarked containers
  • Outside lawn chairs
  • Play pens
  • Pocket knives
  • Selfie sticks
  • Strollers are allowed in teh plaza areas but not under the tent or on the lawn
  • Tents or sun shades
  • Large umbrellas
  • Weapons: While it is legal to open carry or carry a concealed handgun in Texas, the venue does not allow them inside the facility.

Please leave any non-permitted item at home. This list may be altered to reflect the needs of the visiting performer. Please check the event description or contact the venue to see if anything is different for your upcoming event.

Re-entry Policy

No re-entry is allowed. Please do not leave unless you are ready to go home. Likewise, be sure that you have everything you need before you enter the facility.

Seating Policy

To prevent unauthorized use of reserved seats, your ticket stub or live mobile ticket is required for entry into the reserved seating. Please note that screenshots or printouts of live mobile tickets are not allowed.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed in the reserved seating areas. This includes e-cigarettes or vapes.

Smoking (both cigarettes and e-cigarettes) is prohibited in the reserved seating as well as the lawn. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas in the concession plazas.

Solicitation Policy

Solicitation or vending is not allowed unless previously authorized by management.